6 Massive Benefits of Using Instagram For Business

6 Massive Benefits of Using Instagram For Business

As a marketer, it’s your job to keep track of what’s hot and what’s not.

Chances are you’ve heard the term ‘Instagram for business’ popping up all over the place…

But let me ask you this: Do you actually know why businesses should be using Instagram?

If not, I’m about to drop 6 massive benefits of using Instagram for business on your lap.

Once you see them, it’ll become blatantly obvious as to how Instagram could help grow your business – and fast!

Let’s dive right in.

#1 It gets easier to gain followers every day

In order for a new platform to go viral, there needs to be an incentive for people to join.

The same goes with Instagram: Creating an account and uploading a profile picture is easy.

But gaining followers who actually care to see what you post?

That’s hard.

However, as Instagram grows larger, it becomes easier for everyone to gain new followers – which means more people have the incentive to join!

In fact, over half of Instagram users follow at least one business.

Just imagine how many more will join if they realize that every company has an Instagram page now.

#2 Marketing your Instagram is quick and simple

Have you ever tried marketing through Pinterest or Twitter?

If so, you’ll know how time-consuming it can be.

You need to create strong images using specific dimensions and pin them or tweet them individually – usually without any real feedback from your target audience.

With Instagram, it’s completely different.

The platform was built for real-time image sharing which makes marketing your Instagram page easy and painless – you just need to post!

You can even upload images directly from your computer or camera roll rather than having to create them in editing software beforehand.

#3 Engagement is at the forefront of their algorithm

Despite what some people may claim, Instagram has not gone ‘the way of Youtube’.

In fact, you’ll find that engagement is much higher on Instagram than on other social networks – especially when compared to Facebook.

According to research, 95% of all comments are made by users who have less than 1,000 followers (which means they’re more likely to be your target audience).

#4 You can use backlinks to drive traffic

Did you know that when ads are posted on Facebook, they automatically start with 0 clicks?

And yet despite this, Facebook still manages to make an average of $7.86 in ad revenue per user.

How is this possible?

They do it by using the little blue ‘Info and Ads’ button.

By clicking this button, users are directed to a page with more information about how advertising works on Facebook – including some stats about who clicked what link inside the post (and where they were directed – helpful site).

So if you want to gain followers AND attract leads at the same time then I’d highly recommend posting links within your Instagram posts that lead back into your website, blog, or landing page.

#5 You can save a ton of money on advertising

You’ve probably noticed that Instagram ads are extremely affordable – and that’s because the platform makes it easy for businesses to grow organically.

However, if you’re still looking for a way to acquire those followers as quickly as possible then I’d recommend checking out this strategy by John Lee Dumas.

In fact, his first successful ad campaign managed to get him 1,000 new followers in just ONE DAY – and he didn’t even have to pay a single cent!

#6 Instagram is vital to your online branding efforts

Regardless of what business you’re in, Instagram should ALWAYS be included when talking about your digital marketing strategy.

This is because social media has become so large that you can’t afford to ignore it anymore.

To put this into perspective, take a quick look at the following stats:

As you can see, not only is social media creating TONS of new jobs, but users are spending more time on their devices than ever before. This means that missing out on being found by your target audience will lead to empty sales and traffic rates (not to mention damage your brand’s reputation).