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enTourage Pocket Edge – A Must have Tablet

The innovations in the field of tablets is becoming quite obvious and that is when this Pocket Edge from enTourage has changed the things. The major difference that pushes the Pocket Edge ahead of the other tablets is that it has two screens. One screen is the 6″inch eInk eBook screen and the other is the 7″inch LCD colorful screen. The age of dual core tablets has been taken away by the new dual screen tablet from enTourage. In terms of configurations, it resembles that of a normal tablet. It is a mini tablet that is based on the fast developing Android OS.


Pocket Edge – Look & Feel



Since the tablet has two screens, on the outset it resembles that of a laptop with a sturdy case. When the tablet is opened, the two screens are screen. Both can be read at a time side by side resembling …