Learn About Steroids

Learn About Steroids

Generally speaking, there are only two popular methods that people attempt to learn about steroids: gym class and talk to the big man at the local gym.

Let’s begin with forums.


They’re full of guys who have been to the gym a hundred times and are ready to impart to you how they made hundreds of dollars while ignoring their girlfriends.

I’m not going to name any gym in particular here but you can easily find them by Googling “steroid gym forums” or “free steroid forums.”

Alright then, what do these online drug tests actually measure?

Well, it depends on which test the trainer uses.

Generally, they measure things like:

Blood Work (to make sure your hormones were in balance)

Resistance (to see if you can push through a weight training load)

Endurance (to see if your cardiovascular system can handle a long, intense run)

And Power (to see if you can throw a punch after a few steps).

In short, every supplement out there has been tried and tested by someone who was never even tested on anabolic steroids by his own doctor.

So then, why would I recommend learning about steroids using drug tests from Dr. Duchaine?

Simply because the program he runs, the Underground Steroid Handbook, is the only comprehensive resource I’ve found for any athlete who wants to know how to use performance-enhancing drugs (including steroids) properly.

The Handbook also helps everyday athletes by teaching them how to perform proper bodybuilding workouts and supplement nutrition so they can get the maximum amount of growth hormone into their body while maintaining a natural level of body fat.

It seems that the medical community has long been against steroid use.

There have been multiple studies done by the government that has concluded that there is no real proof that using steroids will lead to an increased ability to gain muscle or improve sports ability.

The reason why the medical community is against steroid use has nothing to do with safety.

It has everything to do with economics.

If fewer people used steroids, the cost of healthcare would go down.

Luckily, we have places like internet forums where we can find the truth about what actually works and what doesn’t.

For instance, you can find tons of information on how to build muscle fast from internet forums dedicated to bodybuilding.

You can find stories about people who’ve used steroids, information about when and why they should and shouldn’t take them, and lots of other bodybuilding topics.

It’s very difficult to find unbiased information on what the medical community says, but these internet forums do it for you.

Bodybuilders have been taking oral glucocorticoids for decades.

They are an effective supplement that has very few (if any) side effects. In fact, studies show that steroid users reduce their chances of contracting some forms of cancer.

Users also don’t have to worry about developing a dependence on the drugs unlike users of other performance-enhancing drugs such as testosterone – Source.

In short, using oral glucocorticoids is a great way to safely gain muscle without possible side effects.