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Learn About Steroids

Generally speaking, there are only two popular methods that people attempt to learn about steroids: gym class and talk to the big man at the local gym.

Let’s begin with forums.


They’re full of guys who have been to the gym a hundred times and are ready to impart to you how they made hundreds of dollars while ignoring their girlfriends.

I’m not going to name any gym in particular here but you can easily find them by Googling “steroid gym forums” or “free steroid forums.”

Alright then, what do these online drug tests actually measure?

Well, it depends on which test the trainer uses.

Generally, they measure things like:

Blood Work (to make sure your hormones were in balance)

Resistance (to see if you can push through a weight training load)

Endurance (to see if your cardiovascular system

World Cup: Match 6 Uruguay vs Costa Rica

Costa Rica pulled off perhaps the first major upset at the 2014 World Cup by beating last edition’s semi-finalists Uruguay coming back from a goal down by scoring three second-half goals.

With Italy beating England late in the day, this group has now become very open as Costa Rica, who people thought would be the whipping boys of the group have certainly shown that they’re far from it.

The performance score shows how the fortunes of the two teams took a turn.


Cavani gave Uruguay the lead from the spot.

The South Americans came into the as the favorites but had a very poor game collectively-right from the goalkeeper to the strikers with the exception of maybe Edinson Cavani.

They played a simple 4-2-2-2 with Cavani and last World Cup’s Golden Ball winner Diego Forlan upfront.

Suarez was left out on the bench as he continues his recovery from …