Best PC gaming Chair under 100


The computer gaming chairs are still relevant despite having sophisticated seating systems for the most advanced gaming platforms. It is mainly because of their versatility as the users can use those chairs for dual purposes. The purposes, it can serve are for laying the pc games and also for using it as a computer desk chair. It means that you don’t need to have any specialized chair for a specific purpose which could become difficult to manage, especially if you have congested space at home. The best pc gaming chair under 100 could give you the luxurious feeling and the comfort which you can ever desire for.

Top 5 PC gaming chairs under 100:

  • The following are the top gaming chairs for PC under $100:
  • Best Office High Back Ergonomic Chair
  • Flash Furniture Mesh Chair
  • Best Office Leather Executive Chair
  • Flash Furniture Chair with Triple Paddle Control
  • Best Office Mid Back Chair O12

Why do you consider these 5 gaming chairs?

Here are some reasons we have selected these 5 for you.


It is highly important for potential buyers to keep the brand in mind while shopping for the gaming office chair. The Best Office and the Flash Furniture are the pick of the brands in the entire best office chairs under 100 category. All the 5 products under the microscope here belong to one of these 2 brands which surely will give you the type of quality you were looking for.


As mentioned, the price of all the cheap office chairs discussed here is lower than 100. Out of all the 5, the Mid Back Chair O12 is the cheapest of all and it cost around $50 only. The most expensive one here is the Triple Paddle Control Chair from Flash Furniture, which I found it on rokguide. The prices for both these and the other 3 products are totally justified with the kind of features and the quality they have. And if you need to find a best gaming chair under 100 then you can find it within these given options.


The primary purpose of all the chairs is to bring the right level of comfort for the user. If you want the most comfortable chair then the High back Executive Chair from Best Office is the best. It is because it comes with high back, which will give support to your neck, head and the back at the same time. Then, the armrests and the extra cushioning also adds to the convenience. The chair in good comfort after this one is the Best Office Mid Back Chair O12 and the Flash Furniture Mesh Chair. It is because of their mesh back which is an ideal feature to have proper ventilation with no chances of sweating.


In terms of height adjustment and tilting capability, all of the comfortable office chairs discussed here are good. But, the most versatile one is the Flash Furniture Chair with Triple Paddle Control. The triple paddle used with this chair allows you to set up the system as per the best of your convenience and liking. Swiveling feature is there in all the chairs and the roller tires also allows you to move the seat with ease.


The best PC gaming chair under 100 discussed here offer great level of comfort, versatility, and performance for the users. The best thing about all these 5 products is their affordability and then all the chairs have got something special to offer to the users. If you are looking for slightly higher-end models, then the best PC gaming chair under 200 can be found here.