Dual Channel TENS Unit ProM-100 TENS Unit by ProMed Specialties for Less Than $80.00

Dual channel TENS UNIT ProM-100 by ProMed Specialties for less than $80.00 ready to ship. Dual isolated channels? What does it mean? Well, a dual channel TENS Unit means you have 2 individual channels with an electrode wire on each channel. Each electrode wire has 2 self adhesive electrode pads so when using this TENS unit, you will have 4 electrode pads working for you all at one time. Other features of The ProM-100 include the standard mode. This feature as well as all of the technical specifications are noted in the bullets below. The TENS Unit ProM-100 operates on one 9 volt battery and it is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket so it can go with you anywhere so do not worry about being bulky, it is small, compact and lightweight. Here is what you get when you purchase from this page: You get the ProM-100 TENS Unit Stimulator, Lead Wires (new FDA compliant), 4 Self Adhesive Reusable Electrode Pads, one 9 Volt Battery, The Hard Plastic Carrying Case and the Instructional Booklet. For less than $80.00, you will not beat this TENS unit and we can ship immediately so please, place your order and you TENS unit will be on it’s way immediately.

As stated in the paragraph above, the electrode pads are self adhesive. The self adhesive electrode pads will last for quite a while before loosing their adhesiveness but in time, you will want to replace them with new electrode pads. If you purchase an additional set of electrode pads now as an add on, you purchase the extra set at a lower than regular retail and you pay no additional shipping. If you purchase an extra set of electrode pads at a later date, shipping is FREE so purchase now, get the lower price on the pads and save the shipping as when purchased later.