DVD Review Legion: Wings of hot air

Starring Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, Tyrese Gibson, Charles S. Dutton and Kevin Durand.

Legion is a perfect example that there is a limit to revamping old concepts. In this picture god is fed up with humanity and goes Hitler on us, by sending the angels to execute the biggest genocide by exterminating all humans. If at least the scenario figured a real massacre with guts, blood and eyeballs flying everywhere we might have something here. Au contraire you have the Rambo of angels called Michael (Paul Bettany) that comes down to earth to protect a baby that is supposed to save mankind. Rambo then gets to a dinner in the middle of nowhere owned by Bob (Quaid), where the local white trailer trash and lost clients make a stand off against the legion of bad angels with big mouths and long teeth!

Legion starts off well and you think you are going to see a kick ass movie but since the actions scenes are far apart and separated by boring dialogue and a flat plot you soon become restless and hope this movie is about to end. Apart from Dennis Quaid’s character which as a bit of constituency, the rest of the cast are not interesting and you do not get to sympathize with their cause for survival, in fact you can’t wait for them to get killed. I had more sympathy for the poor ensign that always gets to die on Star Trek. All of this to have an ending that lets you wonder why you sat trough all of this.

So basically apart from the evil creatures that are quite terrifying, and visual effects this movie is of no interest unless you are for some strange or religious reason a fan of ass-kicking angels.

My recommendation is that you rent this in case there is nothing else left and an absolute no buy.

Visual: 8 scenarios: 6 entertainment value: 4 Plot: 4 casting: 4 Action factor: 5

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