enTourage Pocket Edge – A Must have Tablet

The innovations in the field of tablets is becoming quite obvious and that is when this Pocket Edge from enTourage has changed the things. The major difference that pushes the Pocket Edge ahead of the other tablets is that it has two screens. One screen is the 6″inch eInk eBook screen and the other is the 7″inch LCD colorful screen. The age of dual core tablets has been taken away by the new dual screen tablet from enTourage. In terms of configurations, it resembles that of a normal tablet. It is a mini tablet that is based on the fast developing Android OS.


Pocket Edge – Look & Feel



Since the tablet has two screens, on the outset it resembles that of a laptop with a sturdy case. When the tablet is opened, the two screens are screen. Both can be read at a time side by side resembling a book or one of the the two displays can be folded back to reveal only of the two displays. The Pocket Edge measures 7.5″inch by 5.5″inch and weighs a 1.35lbs which is quite less. The LCD screen is full of surprises and the touch is extremely responsive. The other side which is the eInk eBook reader doesn’t do that well in the touch department, but has quite a good contrast and the display is very crisp with sharp images. Though there is no physical keyboard, the virtual QWERTY keyboard does a fairly good job if the typing is slow. There are various buttons on this twin screen tablet out of which one if for the screen orientation. Various buttons such as Power, Volume Control, headphone jack and charging ports are seen under the eInk screen while the USB port, mini USB Sync and the reset button are all seen above the screen.


Pocket Edge – Specifications


The specifications of the dual screen laptop are

 Android OS

 Twin Screens – One 7″inch LCD and the other 6″inch eInk eBook Reader



 3GB Memory

 MicroSD Card Slot

 External Speakers

 With all these features, the dual screen Pocket Edge tablet is available for a reasonable $399.


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