How to Pick Up Girls – Crucial Flirting Tips for All Guys

Despite what many guys may think, there is no master plan for picking up girls. The question “how to pick up girls” has plagued men for as long as they have been on earth, but there are many ways that you can increase your chances with the tips listed below. We have compiled a few general guidelines that will enable you to get into the right mindset to have an easier time picking up women. These are not all going to be specific tips because every situation calls for a totally different phrase or attitude.


How to Pick Up Girls with Self Worth



One of the biggest problems that most men have when trying to pick up women is that they want or need it too much. For women, neediness is an extremely unattractive quality. The reason for this stems all the way back to some of the first women. Biologically, the DNA of women is geared towards finding a take charge man who is not reliant on a woman for anything. When approaching a woman you should avoid all desire to pick her up. Don’t even think about her physical attractiveness.


If you are trying to learn how to pick up girls at a bar or a club then you need to change your mind set when you actually go out with your friends. Make the goal of the night to have fun instead of picking up women. While you are having fun, try to be silly with women and you will come across as funny, weird, and charismatic. All of these are good because they are different from just about every guy that has asked them their name and whether they want a drink.


Most men also don’t realize that they become nervous around some women, but not others. Perhaps a heavy woman that is not so attractive does not make you nervous at all, but the stunningly beautiful model will definitely make you twist your words. The biggest problem in this scenario is that the male does not have a high enough self worth. He does not believe he is worthy of the attractive model so he gets nervous and says stupid things. Even though what he says can come across as cute to some people, in general it comes across as weak. For the same biological reasons explained earlier, women do not want a weak man.


How to Pick Up Girls with Difference



The problem with many guys is that they don’t know how to pick up girls. Even if they have some success with women, they don’t really know what it takes to pick them up on a consistent basis. The truth is that there are so many guys in the club that usually say the same things. Women consistently get interrogated by men when they are out. In some cases the questions may be “where do you live? Where are you from? What is your job?” Men must realize that this is a female with whom you would like to get to know better and create an intimate connection with – not an interrogation.


Instead try to ask them questions about their passions. Get them speaking about something they really enjoy doing or they’re really passionate about. You can also try to do some psychological games and tests with them because women love those types of things. They are especially intrigued by these psychological tests because women are much more interested in personality rather than physical traits.


Most importantly, women are attracted to something that is different. If you approach them with very standard pickup lines then you will not get very far with the women. Instead, you have to make sure to focus on showing them your value through psychological tests and games. Stop the interrogation until later. After you have gained her trust then it will be much more fun to speak with her.


Overall, there is no specific way that you will learn how to pick up girls, but employing these principles will make things much easier. The universal quest for all men is to learn how to pick up girls, but these tips will help.