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We know there is a lot to learn with the sport of boxing and practicing outside of class can be a huge help in becoming a better boxer. Sometimes all the information in class along with the speed and intensity can make mastering boxing overwhelming which is why we created Knockout TV. Check out all our boxing videos and use them as a resource to help you master your boxing skills. Click here to watch & don’t forget to subscribe!


Knockout Boxing Number System



No we didn’t invent the number system, but we love using it. It simplifies coaching and learning. At first the punch numbers might be hard to remember, but over time it will become intuitive. Here’s a cheat sheet for you to refer to: 1 – Jab 2 – Cross 3 – Left or Lead Hook 4 – Right or Lead Hook 5 – Left or Lead Uppercut 6 – Right or Lead Uppercut 7 – Shovel Hook (we don’t use this punch much) 8 – Overhand Right Take some time to practice these outside of class.


Knockout Boxing Defense



Boxing is not just about punching, you need to avoid getting hit as well. And while at Knockout Women’s Boxing Club you won’t hit, we still try you like a real boxer. Defense is just as important as offense. Here’s a cheat sheet for you to refer to: Slip – rotation movement to the outside of an oncoming straight punching Duck – squat type movement to dip underneath an oncoming punch (typically hooks and crosses) Cover – holding your hands up at the sides of your face and bracing your body to absorb a punch on your gloves Body Block – bringing your elbow down near your ribs to absorb a body punch Pop Back – quickly moving backwards out of range of a punch Catch – using the palm side of your glove to catch a punch Feint – throwing a fake jab to throw your opponent off Parry – redirecting an oncoming punch Take some time to practice these movements outside of class.


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