Skin Care Products Vs HomeMade Acne Treatments

Dry Acne Skin


There is a false myth running that only oily-skinned people are likely to develop acne. Well, this is definitely wrong! Acne does not choose victims on such criteria; yet in certain cases, people with oily skin are more affected by this dermatological condition. Bacteria, hormonal changes, an unhealthy diet and a chaotic lifestyle could make the right premises for a dry acne skin outburst. Before starting any targeted treatment, it is important to identify the causes behind the acne problem. Yet, a double approach is necessary most of the time: one for the skin dryness and another to eliminate acne.

dry acne prone skin

 To treat dry acne skin you have to keep it well moisturized while preserving the natural moisture content specific to the tissues. The skincare products normally used should contain soothing and healing agents like aloe vera, for example, that moisturizes and promotes tissue regeneration at the same time. In case you no one single product is available for both problems, don’t ignore the huge therapeutic protection of home remedies. Callendula for instance is a herb with good antibacterial and regenerative properties that will accelerate the healing of the acne lesions while also dealing with the excessive dryness.

 dry skin and acne

Oral medicines are often prescribed to treat dry acne skin, although in the majority of cases the treatment is topical. Ointments should be applied not only on the acne affected skin portions but also on more sensitive locations that could easily become affected: the areas around the lips, the nose, the eyes and even the neck. If there is acne spread to other body areas, clothing and hygiene rules are just as important as proper tissue hydration. If you choose well, clothes could be a comfort, but if the wrong materials are used, dry acne skin could aggravate; therefore, cotton should be preferred over any other synthetic fabric.

 dry acne skin

 During summer dry acne skin tends to get worse. On the one hand it is easier to deal with the dryness because the air is more humid and tissues retain moisture better, and on the other, it creates the right environment for an acne skin outburst. Try to remain consistent and persistent in the treatment of dry acne skin regardless of season. Use cleansers that are alcohol free and find products that clean and disinfect without drying the tissues.


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