The Hot Seat: child car safety

Buying a car seat is one of your most important purchases. Make sure your baby is safe and secure 100% of the time.

 Safety first



 Safety first Value & features Strong & dependable Italian styling Volvo’s Babysafe car seat For babies up to the weight of 13kg. It is installed by using the car’s Isofix, or the seat belt. It has a seven-step adjustable neckrest to keep baby as flat as possible, and comfortable, whilst safe. A car seat is essential if you’re having a baby. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy one – make sure you have it installed before ”B-day”. Buying a car seat is easy, but installing one can be a challenge. Dads, check out our tips under ‘Italian Styling’ on how to do it correctly. An incorrectly installed car seat can give less protection than no seat at all. Becoming a father highlights the need for safety, which is why a family car, such as a Volvo with it’s emphasis on child safety, is a perfect option. However, even in the safest, sleekest vehicle, children need to be properly secured. A child‘s head is large and heavy in proportion to its body and its vertebrae can‘t withstand the force of a collision. Therefore, it‘s imperative to place children under one in a rear-facing seat. If placed in the front seat, make sure the air-bag is disabled. For further info on car safety for children, see Arrive Alive. You would also be wise to read “What your driving instructor didn’t tell you…” by Justus Visagie (Metz Press) for hilarious (but serious) insight into road and car safety.


 Value & features


 Safety first Value & features Strong & dependable Italian styling Safeway Snug ‘n Safe Plus is lightweight and can be used as a rocker and feeding chair. Safeway Indy (suitable from birth) can be used rear- and forward-facing and has five reclining positions for a comfortable ride. Jane Strata Pro has a back rest that allows baby to lie flatter Matrix Cup lie-flat by Jane also doubles as a carrycot and both are available from Kids Emporium


 Strong & dependable


Safety first Value & features Strong & dependable Italian styling Graco Junior Baby infant car seat fits in the Graco Auto Baby car seat base to ensure correct installation every time. Graco Junior Mini Metropolitan suitable from birth to 3 years and has a comfortable insert for a small baby. Rear-facing group 0/0+ car seats: most plug into a base that stays in the car so you can take your sleeping baby out of the car without waking him. The base ensures the seat is always properly installed. Make sure your car seat is compatible with your pushchair. Some car seats now have a backrest that can be raised or lowered, enabling baby to lie flatter and at the correct angle, which is important for his neck and posture. Group 0+/1 (for babies up to three years) car seats stay installed in the car in the rear-facing position for the recommended time period, from birth until he turns one or weighs 9 kilos (though longer is better). The seat can then be turned around to face forward.


 Italian styling


 Safety first Value & features Strong & dependable Italian styling Chicco Proxima (suitable from birth to 3 years) has a reducer cushion and wedge for a a newborn, plus a 4-position reclining back rest. How to install a car seat: Install the base Place the base in the centre of the back seat and thread the seat belt through the guides. Kneel on the base as you tighten the belt. Put the baby in the seat Place your child in the car seat and secure the harness; make sure the harness is snug against your baby’s hips and shoulders. Adjust the chest clip so it is level with your baby’s armpits. Remove thick clothing first. Put the seat in the car Place the car seat in the base, making sure it snaps in securely. Flip the handle down and lock it into place. Check the angle The seat must be installed at an angle that keeps your baby in a semi-reclined position; his head must not be able to flop forward. Place a rolled up towel under the base to get the right angle if the seat slopes down towards the back.


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