Week 17

I think the hag must have known someone who was pregnant at one time. She wanted to find a way to let me know that she wouldn’t approve if I decided I wanted to dye my hair. Yesterday she asked me (with a big smile) if this is my natural hair color. I said , “The top 2 inches are my natural color”. Then she said, “I thought it was your natural color but then I noticed you had roots and it’s bad for the baby to color your hair while you’re pregnant.” It’s cool how she can both insult me and give me bogus medical advise all in one sentence. I can’t decide the perfect thing to say to her. Perhaps I’ll smile big when I inform her that there are many clinics in the area that can remove that gnarly mustache of hers. Actually I’ll just spare her. She has no idea she’s rude and she sees her comments as helpful… or a way to bring up the pregnancy maybe?


I know for sure that the butterfly kisses I have been feeling inside are your kicks because now they are getting stronger and more frequent. I call you Mister Wiggly sometimes… and sometimes Miss Wigglesworth. I love it when you kick and swim around. I can’t wait until your bones and muscles are developed enough for Daddy to feel it on the outside. If I tell him you are sleeping he puts his face on my belly and makes these loud horrible farting noises – charming. I’m sure you love to be awakend to the sound of poots bouncing around in there. Actually I don’t know if you can hear yet because my pregnancy books give conflicting info about the development of your hearing.


Only 11 days til my ultrasound! At which time Daddy will have to quit calling you Angus and Aunt Erin will have to quit calling you Memnoch. The Memnoch is actually my fault. It’s the name of a carachter in the worst novel I have ever read. I nearly wrote Anne Rice a letter to tell her how it would have served me better as toilet paper – seriously it was that bad. Anyway, it’s truly the most bizarre name I had ever heard. When people asked me what I would name you, I would always say, “Julia for a girl and Memnoch for a boy”. It was entertaining to see the face of the people I said this to… some actually tried to be polite and act like they liked the name. Others laughed and knew it had to be a joke. So the name stuck… sorry about that. Hope you have a good sense of humor. Now I’m thinking I like Alex or Alec for a boy and I’m leaning towards Julia Kathleen for a girl.


At 5 inches long (without the length of your legs) and 6 ounces of weight, you are about the size of a little avocado this week. Some of your more advanced body systems are working now too, including the circulatory system and urinary tract. You’ve even begun inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid so your lungs will be strong enough at birth to breathe.


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